Sunday, September 25, 2016

                                Changunarayan  Art Festival
                   Co-authors Sajana Bhadel and Amanda Summers

A group of artists from all over the Asia came to Changunarayan last week to do a performance. The artists came from Japan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal.
About a month before, Kay Garnay in conjunction with Star View Guest House, sponsored an art workshop for the children of Changurayan. The children were quite creative and made art pieces from plastic water and juice bottles. They made many pieces like cars, mobile phone holders, etc. 
One of the artist holding the color plate during the art performance

The founder and manager of  Bindu Space for Artists came with the group to create the media to inspire the students. The group performed the art program at Dolagiri School and involved the students. National and International artists performed their art with different themes. Mostly performances were related to the psychology of students and their sufferings at school. The kids enjoyed the program and learned a lot. 

Indian artists with kids

The program definitely helped teachers to understand how kids often go through trauma and anxiety during the exam at school. One of the Nepali artists delivered the message that kids are our god we need to accept what they would like to offer. And other Japanese demonstrated how hard students can suffer during exams. A total of 18 artists performed their freestyle art. It was a lovely program in which teachers, as well as students, learned.  
Thanks for Bindu, a space for artists.

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